Why Emergent- Based Curriculum?

Research shows there are several key ways that children learn. They use play as a means of exploring their environment.  They learn best when what they are doing is aligned with their interests and they are more actively engaged when a number of different learning styles are offered.  This type of play helps to create divergent thinkers and problem solvers.  A highly sought after (out of the box) way of thinking in the business world.

Now ideally an Emergent Curriculum would be done in a classroom where various areas or stations could be set up to reflect the children's interests.  In this online setting that's more difficult to do.  I can't have a sandbox your child can play in or dress-up clothes they can use.  So although this isn't a true Emergent curriculum,  I have based it on that model by offering many different lessons tailored to the varied interests your child may have.  I have also included unique activities for each lesson; such as an art or movement activity, songs and games.  In this way if your child is an auditory learner they may be more engaged by the songs, whereas if you child learns by doing they may be more interested in the art activity..

By using this method to learn English 

your child will be more engaged, more 

excited to learn and their comprehension 

will increase more rapidly.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of an Emergent or Emergent -Based curriculum please feel free to message me.

Boy Playing with Abacus
Painting Pottery