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Here is a description of some of the lessons I can offer your children.  I can create others, if they are interested in a certain subject.  For instance, if they enjoy basketball; I can adapt my English language lesson to reflect that in the stories, games, vocabulary words and comprehension skills that we cover.  The important principle is to keep the student interested and engaged throughout the lesson.


Snake Hold

In this lesson we will learn about snakes. We will talk about what type of animal a snake is, how they cool off, shed their skin and lay eggs.  We will learn about the different kinds of snakes in the world and read a story about a snake.  Then we will do a movement activity and sing some songs.  


Happy Thanksgiving

In this lesson, we discuss the Thanksgiving holiday.  We talk about how it is celebrated in different places and what the word gratitude or thankfulness means.  We create a cornucopia table centerpiece and read a story about being thankful.



In this lesson we will learn about all the different forms of transportation; cars, trucks, trains, planes and boats.  We will talk about the different jobs they do, learn some new vocabulary words, build a boat from some aluminum foil, watch a video about different kinds of transportation and go on an imaginary airplane ride.


Red Helicopter

Up is a lesson about things that go "up" in the sky; such as helicopters, airplanes, hot air balloons and rockets.  We talk about what is needed to lift a machine into the air, what the first airplane looked like, and how helicopters are different than airplanes.  We then watch a video about a hot air balloon festival.