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Here is a description of some of the lessons I can offer your children.  I can create others, if they are interested in a certain subject.  For instance, if they enjoy basketball; I can adapt my English language lesson to reflect that in the stories, games, vocabulary words and comprehension skills that we cover.  The important principle is to keep the student interested and engaged throughout the lesson.


Puppet Show

In this lesson, we learn about puppets.  We read a story about a puppet and talk to my puppet Bert the Bear.  We discuss how to make puppets and then we make one together.  We watch a puppet show and we learn some new English words like theatre and marionette.  Students must bring materials to make a puppet; a sock or a paper plate and craft stick, markers, glue and some yarn.


Queen Costume

In this lesson, we will talk about how a person becomes a Queen, what a queen's job is and we will talk about Queen Elizabeth II and her life.  Then we will create our own crown and talk about what kind of Queen we would be and what rules we would make. A material list will be sent home before the lesson.



In this lesson, we discuss what robots can do, how robots are built, and we read a book about robots.  Then we will use dice to create a robot picture out of paper.  A material list will be sent home before this lesson.