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Here is a description of some of the lessons I can offer your children.  I can create others, if they are interested in a certain subject.  For instance, if they enjoy basketball; I can adapt my English language lesson to reflect that in the stories, games, vocabulary words and comprehension skills that we cover.  The important principle is to keep the student interested and engaged throughout the lesson.

Jungle Animals

Playing with Animals

In this lesson, we will learn about jungle animals.  We will talk about the different types of jungle animals, learn their names and discuss what they eat and how they move and sound.  We will read a story about the jungle and talk about how the jungle is different than the forest.  We will play a jungle guessing game and sing some songs about the jungle.  For this lesson the student will need to bring some clay or play-doh so we can also make some jungle animals.


Kite in the Sky

In this lesson, we will discuss the different types of kites and how to make and decorate a kite.  We will make a miniature kite out of popsicle sticks and watch a video about kite flying.  If we have time we will also read a story about a kite festival where the winner gets to be King for a day.


Playing with Toy Vehicles

In this lesson, we will learn how Lego building blocks are made and do a STEM building challenge where we have to create different things with lego.  We will read a story about building and even try to build the letters of the alphabet.