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Here is a description of some of the lessons I can offer your children.  I can create others, if they are interested in a certain subject.  For instance, if they enjoy basketball; I can adapt my English language lesson to reflect that in the stories, games, vocabulary words and comprehension skills that we cover.  The important principle is to keep the student interested and engaged throughout the lesson.


Kids Gardening

In this lesson, we discuss different types of gardens; like vegetable and flower gardens.  We watch a video about planting and learn some new vocabulary words as we talk about what's needed (seeds, soil, a spade).  We sing some songs about planting a garden and use the actions in the song to move our bodies. Then we read a book about what happens when you forget to water a garden.  If we have time left we will talk about how vegetables get to stores and I will show them how to plant a seed at home.


In this lesson, we discuss Halloween and the different things that each family might do to celebrate it.  We talk about costumes, treats and carving a jack-o-lantern.  Then we read some stories about Halloween and I teach them how to make some simple Halloween no-bake treats with pumpkin seeds.

Story of Pumpkin


Tower of Pisa

In this lesson we learn about the country of Italy.  We talk about the different foods that are eaten there, the customs and celebrations and we create one of their famous landmarks, the leaning tower of Pisa.