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Lessons D-F

Here is a description of some of the lessons I can offer your children.  I can create others, if they are interested in a certain subject.  For instance, if they enjoy basketball; I can adapt my English language lesson to reflect that in the stories, games, vocabulary words and comprehension skills that we cover.  The important principle is to keep the student interested and engaged throughout the lesson.


Dog Walker

In this lesson we will discuss the various kinds of dogs, the types of jobs that dogs can do and how to take care of a dog.  We will play a game about dogs, sing "How Much is that Doggy in the Window?" and I will let the student choose from 2 different dog stories.  We will talk about whether the student has a dog or knows any dogs and they can practice their English while telling me about those dogs.  Then I will tell them about the dogs I have had in my life and they can use their knowledge of English to ask me questions about those dogs.  Then we will draw a picture of the child's interpretation of how a dog looks (depending on their age).  If we have extra time we will look at a few different breeds of dogs and talk about how they are the same or different.

          Earth Day

Trees From Above

In this lesson we learn some vocabulary words like recycle, reuse and conserve.  We talk about all the different ways we can take care of the Earth and why it's important to look after nature and how people are connected to the world around them.  We then do an Earth collage art project reflecting what we talked about. 

Farm Animals

Boy with Calf

In this lesson we discuss what sort of animals might live on a farm, whether they have ever been to a farm and whether they have ever seen any of these animals.  We will watch a video on farm life and then we will work on repeating the names of each animal and the sound they make.  If they have taken the colour lesson, I will mention the colour of each animal as well and have them repeat the colour.  We will sing "Old MacDonald had a Farm" and I will encourage them to make the animal sounds they hear.  Then we will read a story about one of the animals on a farm and play a game about farm animals.  If we have time left, we will do some farm animal yoga.