Advanced Lessons

I have had requests to offer some more advanced lessons (those at a Grade 1-2 level so I have decided to include a limited amount of those lessons as well.  They are more "traditional" in nature with worksheets and various activities.  If there is something in particular you would like covered, please reach out to me and I will see what I can do.


In the Classroom

This lesson involves learning to use contractions; when to use them and when not to.  We do different worksheets and activities that help the student to understand what a contraction is, how to print it and when it is used.

Printing Practice

Girl Writing on Notebook

This lesson is designed to help children practice their printing in upper and lower case letters.  We also talk about when you would use upper case letters and what a complete sentence looks like.

     Famous Scientists

Female Scientist Using Microscope

In this lesson we talk about famous scientists, what they discovered and how it changed the world.  We will cover 10 different scientists and talk about trial and error and the Scientific method. The children will also learn what a hypothesis is and practice making their own discoveries. 

Addition and Subtraction

In this lesson we will work on addition and subtraction with various activities and games using dice and dominoes, among other items.

Educational Toys


By the Great Wall of China

This lessons studies the continent of Asia; it's traditions, rulers, history, celebrations and more.  Students will create art, learn the history of the area and delve deep into the culture with stories and games.